Tuesday Night at the Movies

Tonight we made the spur of the moment decision to go to the movies at the Studio Movie Grill.

For me--ADD personality that I am--the ability to shorten the time I have to sit still by combining the movie with dinner is perfect.

Bethany and her friend, Elisa joined us, which meant John and I had an audience for our pre-movie comedy show. There was a lot of rolling of the eyes. (They are teenagers after all.) But also genuine laughter.

We went to see The Martian Child--which was great by the way--but what hung with me for the night was a phrase I heard Robin Williams say in the trailer for August Rush. I wish I could remember the exact quote, but it was something like, "All things are made of music. The universe is a harmony that connects all things together."

Not only was the thought beautiful, it also seemed true. As John and I exited the movie theater, the phrase was still ringing in my ears.

When I started to say it, John finished the quote. It had struck him the same way.


What if it is? All living things have a vibration to them--a frequency. Vibration is sound. Is it really that far to consider that those vibrations might be music? What if when God spoke the universe into being, the song never stopped?

A beautiful thought...one I couldn't help but share.

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Anonymous said...

you should see the movie..

the whole thing is as inspiring.

I have a guitar and have not had time or, in all honesty, the energy to learn how to play and seeing that made me want to play... very badly. i think ill start

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