The Amazing Christmas House

In the neighborhood across from ours there is a couple who puts together the most amazing Christmas display each year. They remove their garage doors and put plexiglass in its place, then set up the most beautiful Christmas scene. Think 1940's department stores in December.

Sledding snowmen, a train, a waiving Santa and other incredible antiques are set in motion each year for passersby to enjoy. Not only do they have the garage display, but they also have thousands of twinkling lights. It truly is a magical place. They even have Christmas music playing in speakers out on the lawn.

Not only is the display wonderful, but their Christmas cheer has inspired many of the other neighbors to do the same. Tonight, John, Bethany and I went for ice cream...well, sorbet for me...and decided to swing by. Driving through the neighborhood puts me in the mood for the holiday like nothing else.

Now, I really can't wait for Santa to get here!

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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea!!!! I love the different things that people come up with the celebrate the holidays. I am going to add you to my blogroll. Thanks for visiting mine.

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