Avenging Ashley

When I was fourteen, Jackie Gee drove myself, Lynette-the-Cowgirl, Laura Phillips, Laura Coston and her daughter, Kristi, to tee-pee Craig Carlisle's house. Under cover of darkness, we exited Jackie's station wagon parked down the street and went to work with our rolls of Charmin.

The thing about toilet papering someone's house is that coverage is key. The lawn should look almost snow covered when complete. Within 10 minutes, we'd achieved our goal and ran back to the getaway car. Jackie put her hand over the dome light as we piled in and drove away.

The five of us were celebrating our coup when I felt something grab my neck and I screamed--reaching an octave only a teenage girl can. I was only partially relieved to find that the hand around my neck happened to belong to Craig Carlisle. He had snuck into the back of Jackie's station wagon while we were hard at work.

The worst thing about tee-peeing is getting caught, because then you have to go back for the clean up. (Which we did...sigh.)

Tonight, Bethany and friends kept the tradition alive. They went out on a revenge mission to "get" the guy who "got" Ashley. I snapped this photo right before they left on their adventure. Best part of the evening? They didn't get caught!

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Melany aka Supermom said...

LOL I love the photo. Do you know that no one does toilet papering here in South Africa!

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