Carol, the Lionhearted

In case you haven't noticed by now, almost all of my friends have taglines.

For years, Carol Martinez was Carol-my- walking- buddy, but when John and I moved the logistics of walking together each day weren't practical (though we tried for a good six months) and now, Carol needs a new tagline.

The one that popped into my head as I was considering this was Carol-the-Invincible. Carol is one of the strongest people I know, but she isn't strong in an untouchable sort of way. Her strength carries a grace with it that is very, very beautiful. So, I looked up the word in a thesaurus to find something appropriate. Skipping over the word bulletproof (which is completely wrong), I found courageous, fearless, gallant, game, heroic, indomitable, intrepid, lionhearted, resolute....Lionhearted?.

Not exactly a word you hear every day, but as I picture a female lion standing with her head raised, hunting with her sisters, bravely defending her pride or tenderly caring for her cubs, I think it might be, well...perfect. Carol, the lionhearted. Yes, it is a fit.

Carol and I got to have coffee together at her house yesterday. It's difficult to explain the relationship built by sharing all your mornings together. There is something about that daily connection...the sharing of the mundane and the profound. Anyway, it left a big hole when I ceased getting to see her every day that doesn't get to be filled in a couple of hours of catching up over coffee.

I miss getting to see her each day. Everyone should get to have a friend who is lionhearted.

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NancyJ said...

SO glad you and Carol the Lionhearted got together! Good times!

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