Early Resolutions

Last night I talked with my friend Anna who now lives in Denver. We were discussing the concept of personal branding.

Most specifically, Anna's and my discussion centered in on how much weight plays a role in how people perceive each other. (We also covered smoking, the use of slang, corporate dress, hairstyles, Clinton and Stacy and the whole "What Not to Wear" thing.)

Anna said, "I know what I need to do, it is simply a matter of doing it."

Isn't that the truth? Sigh.

My company has a gym about 15 feet from my office. It is fully equipped with weight training and aerobic machines, and--best of all--it is completely free. So why is it that the only time I've ever stepped into it was to sponge some hairspray?

After six years of walking a few miles each morning with my friend Carol at my old neighborhood, I've done nothing. John and I were running together in the evenings during the summer, but with shifts in schedule caused by Bethany's basketball, John changing jobs, daylight savings time, etc. it simply isn't practical.

Three things I've learned about myself with regard to personal fitness since I was a young mom taking the bus to the gym (with Anna actually) with a three-year-old in tow.

1) I have to do something that has a consistent schedule to it.
2) I need the accountability of a friend.
3) It has to be fun. (The friend part helps with that part.)

This week after an overindulgence in cider and gingerbread, I hit a wall. If want to be fabulous when I'm 91, I can't simply do nothing at 41.

So, John suggested he shuttle Bethany to early morning basketball practice (I so love that man!) and Nancy-the-Insightful said she would join me in my venture. For two days in a row, we've hit the treadmills.

As with any new routine, there were some glitches. For example, I don't have a wedding ring on today, am wearing the socks I worked out in and had to wash my hair with bathsoap because I forgot to bring shampoo.

Minor glitches aside, the cool part is how the new routine has colored my day. I feel really good. Energetic actually. And I don't think it is entirely about the exercise. Maybe the best part of working out has to do with image. Not on losing weight or getting healthier but in how you see yourself for trying.

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Wezie said...

Good for you! I've hit the wall too but I'm still stuck up against it.

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