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Tonight, I went to a very "girly" activity. I went to a ladies ornament exchange with the women's group at church. Each woman brought an ornament (and cookies!) and we drew numbers. It was one of those crazy gift exchanges where you can select something unwrapped, or steal from someone who has already opened something. Elsa-the-poet and I worked out an intricate strategy so that I stole the gift she wanted, then she stole the gift from me (third steal which froze the ornament and made it hers) leaving me free to steal the gift that I wanted. (A very cool jeweled gecko!)

John's friends came over for chips, beer and Monday night football. The new big TV is in John's office so it was a little crowded, but they are guys watching football with beer in HD, so I don't think anyone really cared. Plus, the fantasy football league they are all in generated some fairly good natured kidding, like "does my butt look big in these pants?" Code for "I am WAY ahead of you."

When Elsa and I left the gift exchange, we both giggled about our conquests. She said, "This was really, really fun."

It was.

The guys had fun too. In fact, they are still having fun as I'm typing this. And Minnesota is holding Chicago to low points and Peterson is doing well, which I think means John's fantasy team is winning. (Not that I understand any of what I just typed. I'm just overhearing it while blogging.)

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I don't suppose I can talk you into helping with creating new templates for my two blogs??? :)

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