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A few years ago, when the kids finally became old enough not to need a babysitter, John and I decided to take back Saturday nights.

Though it's been a great opportunity to try new restaurants and see new shows, we've wound up with a few favorites. Cosmic Cafe, Studio Movie Grill, Glowy Golf (Indoor putt putt under black lights)...and the place we wind up at the end of almost every date....Half Price Books. (On really special nights...like last night, we wind up at the huglobulous one on Northwest Highway.)

I'm not sure what it is about used book stores, but there is something magic about them. At HPB, nothing is cataloged. It is complete luck of the draw as to what you might find in the stacks. Also there is something about the smell of the paper and the old bindings.

The great thing about the main store is that it is unbelievably huge. Cookbooks, art, religion, classic fiction, children's books, sci-fi (John's favorite), DVD's and music. I've found out I get frustrated when I go there to find a specific title, but for date night, it is about discovery. Stumbling upon something wonderful and sharing it with the only person on the planet who would appreciate it besides you.

I love Saturday nights.

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you are so cute

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