More than Statistics

For the past 15 years, John and I have been blessed with a group of the most amazing couple friends.

It’s difficult to find couple friends who are well matched where the husband fits into the group as well as the wife and vice versa--which is what made the chemistry of these friends so amazing. All of them intelligent, funny, dynamic people.

Sometimes just the wives get together. Robin-the-Artist, Dianna-the-personal-trainer, Rhonda (of the comic strip pantyhose epiphany) and myself. We haven’t been together as a group since New Years. It’s been a weird year. Dianna moved out of her home this summer and the divorce was final yesterday.

Statistically, it was bound to happen. Still, that doesn’t make it any easier.

When someone has a loser spouse, I could see being relieved when they finally decide to end it, but both Dianna and her husband are amazing people. It’s hard to watch their family be undone. Hard to watch friends make decisions that have forever results.

If you move to another city to take a new job, and decide you don’t like it, you can always move back. But if you decide to move out of the life you’ve built across 18 years and start a new one…well, the people you leave are forced to start new lives too, and it can be a long process.

Tonight the four of us will be together for the first time since we rang in 2007 at our annual New Year’s Eve party. And though I’ve looked forward to it since we scheduled it--because I adore the company of these women—I find at the moment, I’m apprehensive. Isn’t it going to be weird? Did she leave us when she left him?

I guess I find out tonight.

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