Night in Bishop Arts

Last night, Dianna- the- personal- trainer, Robin-the -Artist, and Rhonda-of- the-comic -strip -pantyhose and I hung out together in Bishop Arts.

Wow, I have missed this.

There was so much to catch up on. There was a lot of figuring out how to be together now that Dianna is single, but that was made easier by Dianna's signature frankness. There was no pretending. It isn't easy...for her....for her kids...for her husband, who is also still our friend...or for any of us. And, best of all, she didn't ask us to pretend that everything was okay.

In many ways, Robin, Rhonda and I have been like kids who desperately want their parents to get back together. Last night, we all had to accept that they aren't. And though Dianna has been dealing with that for awhile, it was a new concept for us.

So through hours filled with sangria, tapas, interesting quirky stores, and eventually coffee, we were simply together. Together in a way we hadn't been in a year.

And hopefully, we'll all keep the promise we made while parting and do it again.

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