Odd Snap of the Lens

On my way home from work, I was crafting a post in my head about my commute, traffic in Dallas, and superpowers that would allow me to pick up crazy drivers and set them off to the side where they could do no harm. (John once promised that if he had that power, he would only use it for good. Hmmmm....)

In the end, I abandoned the concept because it turned out to be not terribly interesting, but the photo I tried to shoot to go with it was. I used Bethany's technique of reaching my arm out and snapping the shot. The thing is that the light was so low that I thought the shot had taken, then as I pulled the camera back the flash went off with unexpected results. I like the look on my face, which, I'm pretty sure I experience at least once almost every commute. The light artifacts were kind of fun too.


Mrs. Troy said...

I love that picture! It's one of the very best ever! Gorgeous and arty.

NancyJ said...

except it looks like the end of a scary movie...and it's the last shot of the beautiful heroine before...Jason smashes the window and grabs her out of the car...or she smashes into a tree or runs off a cliff.

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