The Wonderful World of Wii

Chase got money for Christmas and pooling his gifts together, he went out and bought a Wii.

I have to confess, I didn't think much about a new game system. I can't get into hours of trying to make a little guy jump over barrels, and I've often been frustrated when Chase or John lose hours upon hours clicking little buttons and staring at a screen.

However, this was really different. This was really fun! This was Wii.

Tonight we had plans to go to the movies with Scott and Lisa. I've known Scott almost as long as I've known John. (They sort of came together in the package.) Fifteen years ago, when Scott married Lisa, she joined our package too and movies are one of our favorite couple activities.

However tonight, we got an added bonus. Tonight, thanks to Wii, we got to go bowling before the movie and got to box each other afterward.

And it was SO COOL!!!!

For the record, I totally rocked at bowling, and also for the record, Lisa--who before now I've always known to be a sweet and gentle soul--KNOCKED ME OUT!!!

The marketing diva in me was blown away at how well done it all is. And how timely. The capacity of this gaming system to create community is powerful right down to the Mii's (the avatars) that you can create and share between consoles.

So, thanks Nintendo, for giving my friends and I a great night, and for giving me bragging rights in bowling.

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Are we Wii-ing tonight????

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