Big Night Out for the Gliders

Our sugar gliders--Kazoo and Kayla--had a big night out last night. I awoke to a disoriented "where is that music coming from" and followed it into the bathroom to find that Kazoo had accidentally tripped my Disney Princess toothbrush holder and started Cinderella singing.

He and Kayla apparently figured out how to unlatch one of the smaller doors on their cage, and boy did they have a great night on the town!

I might have mentioned that their favorite recreational activity is pushing things off shelves. Throughout my bathroom and closet, stuff was knocked over everywhere.

When I walked in the door, Kazoo was happy to see me. He jumped to me arms wide so that he glided, then sat on my shoulder making cute little happy noises. Kayla—who is bonded to Kazoo, but not to us, looked down with animated eyes from her perch high in my closet. She let me cup her in my hands and put her back in the cage. They were both SO hungry after their adventures.

Silly little Zoo’s. I now have to figure out another latching system. Because you know that once they’ve had this much fun, they will want to do it again!

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Bill Swaringim said...

We had those when we lived in Illinois...but we called them 'pesky lill varments'

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