Cooking 101

Okay, so almost all of my friends know that I don't really like to cook. In fact, there are only 5 dishes that I can make really well and if you've ever been to my house for dinner, you have had one of them. For the record, white bean chili (thanks Marilu), chicken piccata (thanks Karen Shull), linguine & Caesar salad (thanks Rachel Ray), and vegetable curry (thanks Syeda!)

Yes, I know that is only four dishes, but now that I think about it fondue doesn't really count because all I do is chop stuff and pour some oil in a hot pot then everyone else cooks it at the table.

Anyway, the fact is that though I don't like cooking, I do really like cookbooks. Especially vegan cookbooks. (The funny thing is that when I was at my mom's house for Christmas she expressed the exact same sentiment minus the vegan part which actually explains a lot. This is genetic.)

John's dad and Maidie sent me money for Christmas which I spent entirely on vegan cookbooks. With hope in my little heart, I found a recipe for black bean, corn and chipotle soup. Being a Texas girl, this sounded fabulous.

However, the potatoes in the soup have taken hours instead of the 20 minutes they were supposed to (and yes, I chopped them thin, thank-you-very-much) and the chipotle peppers have made the soup too hot to be edible. (Yes, that was my fault because two lil old chiles just didn't look like enough).

Sigh. Why is this whole cooking thing such a challenge for me?

The worst part is that all the meals I shopped for this week are out of this cookbook. And I'm pretty sure the vegan pot pie I'd planned for Wednesday has potatoes in it. I'd better start cooking them now.



Anonymous said...

Its so much easier when you have toddlers and little ones and you can just serve corny dogs and Mac-n-cheese... like I did last night :-)

NancyJ said...

funny that this post of you in a kitchen with an apron and "kitchen implements" follows directly after the one with Mrs. Cleaver in it. I don't see your pearls, but I KNOW you're wearing heels!

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