Dinner at the Wahlstedts

David and Chris Wahlstedt invited us for dinner last night. In the car on the way over, John and I were discussing that we are often invited for cookouts or barbeques, but rarely for "dinner."

I have to say, being invited to dinner by friends who enjoy wine and gourmet cooking is AMAZING!

David prepared five courses last night. A cheese and fruit course with a wonderful pinot noir grigio, a soup course (zinfandel), a pasta course (more zinfandel), a main dish (cabernet) then dessert (ice wine).

I've decided the one key between gourmet cooking and normal everyday cooking has to be the sauces. Other than brown gravy from a packet when John and I were first married, I'm not sure I've ever made a sauce. You know, the kind where you carmelize something, add a few more ingredients, then use a wisk?

The combination of the delicious food and conversation with friends (Mike and Lisa came too) in a lovely setting (their dining room is a hidden world to itself) was a wonderful break. A luxury of slow paced enjoyment in our normally fast-paced world.

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CrossPointeDave said...

Although Pinot Noir is a wonderful red wine made popular recently by the movie Sideways, we actually enjoyed a Pinot Grigio from Italy courtesy of Lisa Kelley!

I just wanted to make sure any wine snobs who might read this page wouldn't think we were daft for drinking Pinot Noir with a wine course! We want to be the bomb because that's how we roll!

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