Looking at Time in a Strategy Lens

Just as I was challenged to align my marketing budget in a way that broke traditional methods and invested strategically, David Wahlstedt was challenged this week to do the same with his schedule.

The concept of allocating time (arguably a more valuable resource than money) according to what you want to develop was introduced to me through the threads of a relayed conversation between Wahlstedt and Ron Martoia. It has given me something to grapple with. I dragged John to Starbucks after Bible study so we could talk about it.

There are things I want to integrate into my life this year. Specifically, I want to have a daily practice of centering prayer, a consistent workout and to migrate to a vegan lifestyle.

In my day job, I have similar challenges. I want to position our firm to connect deeply with a changing culture and to help our clients position themselves to do the same. I want to be proactive in connecting with people rather than simply reactive.

There are people I want to meet. Others I want to spend more time with. And opportunities I want to explore that won't simply happen in the normal course of the day-to-day without committing substantial time to them.

In any case, I think my schedule is due the same type of audit that my marketing budget was.

Now, if I can just find the time to do that.

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