Moving like a kid

The other day it hit me that there is something that I used to do all the time as a kid, that I never do as an adult. Remember when you used to take the hands of a friend, lean back and spin around really fast?

Remember bursting into a run simply because it was impossible not to do so? Or skipping because it was much more fun than walking?

Something is lost with that absense of movement. A joy in the movement of your own body that gets set aside for grown up shoes and a worry that you might look foolish.

The type of yoga that I'm doing each evening is called Vinyasa flow. It has surprised me how much it brings back that joy of moving just to move. (All foolishness is dismissed when you have a mat on the floor and a Shiva Ray DVD on?)

So, just for fun, I asked John to swing me around really fast. And it was totally, totally great. Even if I couldn't stand afterward.

So, in an effort to share the joy, I'm requesting a mission: as you go about your day today, ask someone to do that with you. Seriously. You'll remember what you've missed.

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