Organizing the sock drawer

Limiting possessions to the amount of storage space available takes a major mindshift. For example, do I really need to keep that pair of black socks that are shorter than I like them? After all, I'm always annoyed when I accidentally grab that pair then spend the day pulling them up. Are the police really going to arrest me for admitting I hate them and getting rid of them even though they are practically new? And is it truly a lack of character if I give up hope on ever finding the mates to the strays and put them in the trash bin?

And if I give up on the accessories that I rarely wear and put them in a bag for Goodwill (even though they are in great shape and are perfectly okay, because I got them on sale and the color wasn't as great as I thought it would be and I know I will feel wasteful when I ditch these only to replace them with something else on another sale aisle that I will eventually dislike equally as much) is my mom really going to yell at me?

And those new pajamas that I just got for Christmas, but the flowers make me feel like I'm wearing my grandmother's couch and I know they were expensive because they came from Neiman Marcus but still the whole couch thing....

There's a lot of guilt in dealing with stuff. As if we are making some big cosmic mistake in letting it go. The reality is that I live a few blocks away from Walmart where I can get virtually anything I need for less than $20 (so if I make that mistake, I can remedy it if necessary).

The better part of letting go is that someone can be using what is sitting unused in my drawers right now. In fact, there might even be someone somewhere out there in the world pretty excited about getting the Neiman's pajamas.

(Though I'm not sure you can count on that.)


Anonymous said...

Did I give you the pajamas if so...Don't you dare through them out!!!!!!

Feel the guilt

Matthew Horvat said...

Thanks. I have been combatting the same ideals with a pending move.

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