The Spread of Ideas

The spread of ideas is often said to be viral. One person has a thought, shares it with another, and the concept disperses. Sometimes mutations occur as the idea is passed from person to person. The epidemic metaphor would seem to be an accurate one.

What is really fascinating though is when I come across common ideas in seemingly unrelated circles.

Philosophy, art, politics, fashion, music can follow the same trend. The waves get named. Like "impressionist era" or "grunge." Ideas begin in diverse places in completely different cultures and geographies all in the same time frame with no apparent way to track how they are connected.

But, how does that happen? Is it simply that the time is right? Is the dispersion actually person-to person with the carriers simply off the radar screen?

My theory is that there is something to inspiration that is beyond the physical. Beyond what can be passed from one person to another.

If imagination and a desire to create is part of our "imago dei", then isn't it possible to conceive that what it produces is beyond the limitations of person-to-person communication and geography?

I'm engaged by the part of it that can't be measured. The part that seems to be "magic." It reminds me that there is a dimension beyond the physical and something that connects us.

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Big Tea said...

I always enjoy finding good ideas and implementing them in different areas or different ways.

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