Watching Softball in the Cold

The Knights are playing Winter League softball this year. The game was made more comfortable by Shane-the -Microsoft -Cowboy's thoughtfulness in bringing a spare stadium seat and a propane heater. (Without them, Michele and I would have frozen solid.)

This was the first game without Gary, the-coach-who-up-and-left-us-all -to-move -to-Virginia -without-cause-reason-or-warning. So, there was something missing. But we all went to Red Robin afterward for the after game recap (and food and drink). Between John, Shane, Michelle, Steve and Jeff, I laughed a lot. There is something magical about that camaraderie. That sense that you belong. With the Knights, that gets offered up in spades.

On a side note, I wore the hat my dad bought me for Christmas. He said he was in the store and thought it looked like me. Not only was it warm, but it was the ultimate resolution to a rather bad hair day.

Of course, that didn't stop Brian Elwell from teasing me that I looked like Hannah Montana. He was even clever enough to play one of her songs as I walked by his office in the morning. Which brings me to ask, why does Brian have a Hannah Montana song, anyway?

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Robin said...

great hat!

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