Attack of the Killer Mutant Leeches

Troy and Rhonda (BIL/SIL) introduced us to the Pocket Sandwich Theatre back when we were in college.

Last night, we went with friends to see the Attack of the Killer Mutant Leeches. This is one of their melodramas which means that the audience cheers the hero and boos the villan. They also pass out popcorn which gets thrown at the actors...a lot. In fact, I believe the Dallas Observer called Pocket audiences "beer-guzzling, corn-flinging yahoos" which of course the Pocket promptly framed and put on their wall.

We all laughed...a lot. However, I have to say, John and Tom had an unfair advantage in the popcorn throwing since they sat just above us.

If you live near Dallas, going to a melodrama at the Pocket is an entertaining way to spend an evening. The theatre is located at Mockingbird and 75.

But if you want to see Attack of the Killer Mutant Leeches you have to hurry. It ends its run next weekend.


NancyJ said...

FUN! So glad!

Robin said...

HEY! without us?!! WAH!

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