Calling the Lurkers to Come out and Play

It's that time again....calling the lurkers to come out and play. The question is: If you could have any super power at all, what would it be?

For me, it would have to be flying. No, it wouldn't save the world or anything, but it would be really, really fun.

Okay lurkers. What would it be? The comment button is right there. You know you want to!


Unknown said...

Ok, I couldn't resist this one for two reasons. (1) You used a picture of Superman, and that is my favorite hero. (2) It seems I have heard this question before ;) Anyway, I think I would have to agree with you. Flight would be the coolest power to have.

Kerry said...

I think I would love to have the power to be invisible. I would love to go to Madison's school and watch her without her seeing me.

Lynette said...

Lynette's husband Matt says: "The greatest super power of all that would ultimately save mankind from the depths of extermination, would be the power to understand and interpret what a female is actually thinking what they really want us to do!!!

Lynette said...

I would want the power of healing not just the physical, but also the mind, the brokenhearted.

Anonymous said... know...superpowers..I have never really wanted one. Weird. I know

Shannon Suarez said...

Well I'm shallow... no save the world and the broken hearted here. I'd just like to be like Elastigirl and be able to reach upstairs and yank my kids apart from their bickering and toss them in their own rooms, without much physical effort on my part. Being able to vaccum while sitting on the couch reading would be nice, too!

Unknown said...

Oh! I've thought about this. Invincibility. because I could stand up to anybody without fear of losing. and you could save people like in fires and stuff. or from bullets.

You could put your life on the line without actually putting your life on the line.

And, I could have a cape. And if it got caught on something it would not turn out tragic. Because duh I'm invincible.

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