A Clever Branding Thing...

I tend to notice brands....A LOT.

Not only when I don't like them....like the billboard I passed today for a custom remodeling business.

This is my 60 second makeover. Because I couldn't help myself. (Yes, I know I burned precious moments on this. It was fun. Don't judge.)

In any case, this week, I'm staying at a Hampton Inn. The cool thing that I've noticed in the past couple of years about this part of the Hilton chain is there branding because it presents messages in a way that is easy for the traveler to process.

To explain, whenever I hit a hotel room, I'm tired. My mind is generally full of a zillion things regarding whatever it is I'm in that city to do, so it is difficult to process stuff like--which one of these is the shampoo bottle?

It's as if the Hampton Inn took the time to think about me in their communication and what I might need. As if they realized I didn't care if it was juniper scented. I just need to know which one is shampoo.

The new branding uses one-word labels for everything. If there is a block of text for explanation, it is small, with the labels bold and a larger font size than the rest of the text.

In addition to the text treatments, the organization was part of it, too. Like things are grouped with like with one-word labels to describe them.

For example, at breakfast, there were one word signs like "baked" or "cold" or "hot" to describe what types of food were grouped together.

The creative team for Crosspointe, met Tuesday night to discuss the "pure, fresh, simple" concept at it applies to the Crosspointe brand. It occurs to me that the Hampton Inn is good inspiration for that.


Robin said...

I totally agree with you on the Hampton Inn brand - very clever and well organized as well as executed! I like staying there.

CrossPointeDave said...

I noticed the same this weekend at the Comfort Suites in which I stayed for a night. Everything was well branded and easy to find. Crosspointe needs to do the same. Food for thought at our meeting a week from tomorrow!

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