George's Last Day

George Edwards came to work with us for a few months. We needed someone for a contract gig to help us build content for our 3-D library and it just so happened that George had completed a computer animation degree and was looking for work in the States.

Though George is American, he has British parents and lived from 12 on in we've spent a lot of time asking him things like, "Do you watch Keeping Up Appearances?" or "Do you guys actually think Benny Hill is funny?" or "Does it freak you out that we drive on the right side of the road?" We also threw in a "Good one with Eddie Izzard."

Often on Friday afternoons we wind up at Los Lupes.

The food is tasty and affordable. (Tableside guacamole is sooooooo delicious.) And they have really good margaritas. HOWEVER, I do have to point out that Nancy-the-Insightful is totally twisted in that she orders FRENCH FRIES!

I should also point out that since it was George's last day, Jason Foster and David Stephens joined us tonight. (Jason didn't order French fries, but he does speak fake French. Excuse me make that faux French.)

It was a short-term gig, so we didn't get to keep him, but George has promised not to disappear completely.

Even so,it won't be the same when he isn't here every day.


Note to George: As I was leaving the parking lot tonight, I saw this bumper sticker and completely cracked up. I absolutely HAD to take a photo of it since you would particularly appreciate it.


NancyJ said...

you mean...yo orden frances fritas!

Anonymous said...

It was a great bit of fun to see some of you for that meal :D

The bumper sticker would have been more effective if it had said 'We vote through the back channels - DEMOCRATS'

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