Suit up and show up

While waiting for an oil change, I picked up Redbook Magazine and read a quote by Ashley Judd. "[Laughs] I keep going back to this God thing. I just suit up and show up and wait for this sweet thing called love to walk into the room. Invariably it does. And it keeps me strong."

The concept of "suit up and show up" sort of hung with me and keeps playing in my brain tonight.

Tomorrow I go to a conference in Jacksonville. I have to leave my house at 4:45 AM to catch the flight...sigh.)

Most of the conferences we do, I've done before. I know the rhythm. I can plan. But this one is a new one for me. In fact, the primary reason I chose it is because I wanted to tell the story of our work on a renovation project to people who would "get it" because they will be sitting in the worship center we are renovating.

As I'm packing tonight, I don't know exactly what to choose. I've made guesses, but won't know if I chose wisely until I actually get there.

In many ways, this is a "suit up and show up" adventure. It could be a huge success, or not...and I don't get to know that ahead of time...nor do I get to control all of the factors that affect the outcome.

It's a discipline for me to let go of that I can't control and focus on the "suit up and show up". After all, that is the important part. Because if I don't, there's no possibility for success at all.
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Maira Gall