The Facebook Reunion

About five years ago, Lynette and I embarked on what I called the "Where are they Now Project?" We sent out questionnaires with six questions and tracked down our high school friends. It was so fun reading the information and seeing all of the photos as they were sent back in. Once I had them all, I collated everyone's photos and answers then sent it back out.

The project was so much fun, that I'd been thinking about doing an update. Then it occurred to me that there was a way to make it happen with very little work at all through Facebook.

In order to do this successfully, I knew I had to get it started, so I scanned a bunch of old photos and posted them, along with a few memories. I sent out invites to the people I knew, then googled the people I didn't and found quite a few.

The cool part is that each day a few more people seem to join. I've really enjoyed looking at the photo albums people are putting on their profiles.

As a side note, I found this picture from 1984. Yes, it is my prom dress. Yes, I was wearing way too much makeup even for the 1980's. And the thing I remember the most is how disappointed I was that I paid $20 to have my hair done and they simply put it in a pony tail. I was too shy to tell them how much I hated it.

I actually posted this picture to the group--for which Lynette-the-Cowgirl thought I was very brave. My theory is that we all have photos like this. It's just that now, we have the world wide web to share them on!

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