Glider Meet Up

Today, John and I went to a Hope for Gliders meeting.

Hope for Gliders is the rescue organization we got Kayla from.

One of the challenges of owning sugar gliders is that most of the time, the breeders and pet stores who sell them don't give nearly enough information. Owning gliders is a lot more like owning a parrot than a hamster. They are intelligent. They need interaction and stimulation and have complex dietary needs. We bought Kazoo at a flea market two years ago because he was simply adorable. A year later we learned that gliders as colony animals really shouldn't be kept solo, so we looked into adopting a mate for him and discovered Hope for Gliders.

It was really amazing to me the difference Angie Higdon and Debbie Dunning were making in taking in rescues and finding homes for them. The information they gave John and I meant that Kazoo's life got a total upgrade.

I volunteered to do a website for them and launched in May of 2007. The site is cool because it pulled all of the information they were distributing via handouts onto the world wide web making it accessible to everyone.

The meetings are fun because it gives glider owners the chance to talk and compare experiences. (Plus, we won the door prize. Always a great thing!)

The other cool thing is that we got to see George today. (You can read his story on the "connect" page of the site.) We met him last year, when he was barely alive and had been surrendered to HFG. It was really good to see him healthy and happy today.

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