The Labyrinth

As you read this, there is a labrynth set up at Crosspointe. A prayer path. A chance to pull away and let go of all of the things that run through the mind.

Stress. Worry. Guilt. Fear. The grocery list. Did I remember to feed the dog? (Yeah. They all get equal billing in my brain.)

Three years ago when I went through it, I wasn't sure what to expect.

We walked in. Took off our shoes. Twelve stations. A headset with a CD. I pushed "play."

Nothing prepared me for what God did in me. I didn't even know I had stuff to let go of. By the time I had completed the twelve stations, Easter suddenly seemed so real. I'm not talking about the historical event of it. I'm talking about changes in my soul. There's so much stuff that we carry with us every day. (Way more than the grocery list and the dogs.) The prayer path was an opportunity to let that stuff go. A time for Jesus Christ to be real and present in my soul.

As a blog post, this falls short in describing the beauty of it. If you live in the area, there are a few more spots left if you want to go through it. E-mail Kylie and David and grab one.

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