Random Days Off

I took a few days off this week since Bethany is on Spring Break. Wednesday was spent in Fort Worth with my mom. It was cool that Spring Break fell across her birthday because Bethany and I were able to take her to brunch. We also spent the day shopping which included Cato (a favorite) and a handful of shoe stores.

In our spree, I discovered the Wild Bird store and bought cardinal specialty food--which the sparrows and doves in our backyard devoured within an hour of my putting it out. (Hopefully the cardinal snuck in and got just a little.)

On Thursday, I went up to McKinney to see Shannon-of-the-Six (whose six happened to be staying with her MIL in Houston.) On the way, I got thoroughly lost, so I parked at a store and called. Shannon let me know she would be in a truck since she had traded vehicles with her MIL for a week. (As you might imagine, Shannon's normal vehicle is a van.)

About five minutes later, a truck pulled up and I happily jumped out of my car and ran up to get in. (The man in the truck looked bewildered.) Five minutes after that, Shannon showed up. We ate at a delicious Mexican food restaurant called Petra, where the owner made me vegan vegetable tacos served with tableside guac. Mmmmm. I totally have to go again.

We spent the day hanging out, then I went back home to go with John to his softball game in Grapevine where Michelle, Kacie and I cheered our hearts out. (Well, mostly me as Kacie pointed out.)

Afterward, we went to Red Robin for dinner. I have tons of photos of all of us around the table, however, it is mandatory that I post this one of Steve, since he avoided my camera all night because he was afraid I would blog about him.

I should also add that Steve--a Laura Coston level storyteller--told us about his narrow escape from a ferral cow in Hawaii. (Marybeth, can you verify?)

Today is my last day off. I plan to make the most of it.

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