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Chase is on Spring Break this week--which means a lot of his friends that go to school out of town are back for the week.

It's fun to see Chase in his "grown up" life....like when he is dressed up and wearing his AT&T badge for work, or working on a paper for school with Nichole, or even playing video games with his buddies--who have also grown up. He turns 20 in just two months, and this daily interaction is going away when he moves to Denton in September, so I'm enjoying.

Last night, we took Bethany and friends (Elisa and Saron) to the athletic banquet. (Elisa's mom did pick up. Thank you!!!)

The girls looked so beautiful in their dresses. Bethany decided to squeeze wrestling practice in before the event. We laughed when she came out of the locker room in her black dress and fuzzy slippers. (The rhinestone sandals were put on just before we drove away.) She did her makeup in the car and John gave railway crossing and green light alerts so she could do her mascara.

Bethany said that like any awards show, it was pretty boring, but the company was good, so she had fun.

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Lynette said...

It can't be say it isn't so. Chase can't be almost 20. I am overwhelmed by how old you are. Bethany my dear you look gorgeous!

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