Theophostic Training

John and I went to dinner and a couple of bookstores for date night tonight, then were home by 9pm. If I look tired in this photo (taken at the Indian resturant), it is because I am.

Today, we spent the day training in theophostic prayer. Theophostic prayer is a little difficult to explain. It is more something you experience. The method (unsure that is correct terminology) was developed by Ed Smith who was frustrated by the lack of progress made by the sexual abuse victims he counseled.

He found that correct data can improve bad data (such as "you made a wrong turn, make the first legal u-turn"), but correct data can't improve bad experience. (For example, "you aren't 8 years old anymore; you are safe.") The premise is that a facilitator allows you to uncover lies you believe that cause your own personal pain, then the Holy Spirit is invited in to heal it.

Again, I just re-read my words, and they seem really inadequate. I have a previous post that goes into my experience with it. For better information, visit

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