Casey Found

This morning during church I received a call (silent-mode on) from a number I didn't recognize. About 20 minutes later I got a second call from a number I didn't recognize--an unusual occurance--so I stepped outside to listen to the voice mail.

Plano Animal Control had our dog!

I ran back into the service to grab John. (Sorry to leave so abruptly, Crosspointe, but our DOG WAS FOUND!!!)

When I googled where he was found, it was a straight line due east (10 miles) which means he had been walking for four days in the wrong direction. I should also mention that he had on Lucky's tags. I must have put the wrong collar on him when we went disc golfing. Which was the reason his were still here at the house.

He was very happy to see us. And has bitten John's beard and my hair (his sign of affection) constantly.

We got him a hamburger on the way home and he has slept almost all afternoon.

I love it when stories have a happy ending.


Robin said...

OH! This is fabulous news - I am so glad.

Lynette said...


Kerry said...

Oh Cathy...I am so happy that Casey is back. That must have been horrible wondering where he was and if he was going to be found. I'm glad your baby is back.:)

Shannon Suarez said...

Oh goodness. I had been worried about Casey for days! I am so happy!

Anonymous said...

Didn't know he was missing. John didn't say anything. Glad he's back.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you. We have just found out our doggie is missing. About two hours ago. We've been looking for him non-stop. I just now had to sit down...try to take my mind off it just a little bit. It's night time too which makes looking for him even more difficult. I can't believe he is gone

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