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Note: Nancy doesn't actually know she's a guest blogger. I lifted this from something she posted elsewhere, then found a perfect picture in my AD archives. Shh... Let's see if she finds it. Grin.

At Copper this week we studied the story of a sleeping Jesus and the distraught disciples in a boat during a bad storm (Mark 4).

It made me think of my childhood in Missouri. We had a basement in which we kept a big bed at the ready for use during the many middle-of-the-night tornado and storm warnings.

I have no memory of any emotion or question or fear at all during these storms. My only memory is of my dad picking me up out of bed, carrying me to the basement, and then my going back to sleep in the basement bed. My father provided all the love, care and the point that it didn't even occur to me to think about it. I didn't have to make a decision about whether or not to trust him for my provision in the storm...I just did.

So...the obvious ramification of the Copper study is - in my adult life "storms", do I as readily and simply trust God for my care as I did my dad? And...if the disciples in the boat had done so, how would they have acted differently?

NJ, you earned your name. Smile.

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NancyJ said...

Gotcha! :-) If you didn't have such good stuff all the time, I wouldn't be checking your BLOG so much, and I wouldn't have seen this! Lucky for me you're such a prodigy of the pen!

P.S. Wish I'd had that picture when I originally posted. Very clever, my friend!

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