Kylie's Surprise Party

Nikki-the-Lurker, Dan Schoedel and David Knight pulled off a great surprise tonight for Kylie. Nikki did an amazing job planning something special for our Aussie friend.

First off, they had a full Outback set and hats for all of us. We also decorated boomerangs with birthday messages that we posted everywhere. Nic made a run to Outback steakhouse and picked up a couple of Bloomin' Onions and David's dad brought a cake with a kangaroo on it.

Nikki even found an Australian flag courtesy of e-bay.

I stood by the front door to catch Kylie's face on film. (She hid, I didn't get it.) But, I can truly say she was surprised. Those are little tears in the corners of her eyes.

Random fun Tuesday nights are a given with David and Kylie. (They have a history with the whole TA DA Tuesday thing.) Plus, as if the Cobalt group wasn't fun enough, they have other interesting friends. I got to meet Jason--a real Chinese acrobat. You know the masks of the lions with all of the brightly colored fabrics? He does that in real life! (Though he wouldn't do it for us tonight. Still disappointed about that.)

Other fun people--SUCH AS ELISA AND BETHANY--were there. (It wouldn't be right if I didn't include my daughter in this post. She looked so cute in the hat!) When they discovered the lack of teenagers, they made a quick call to Travis who rode over on his bike.

John was very anti-vegan in this picture wolfing down a hot wing. (Eeeew. I think he got dead chicken juice on me.)

One of the best parts of the night was sitting out on Dan's deck talking about big thoughts with John and David-the-Artist-Pastor. It was cold, so Dan lit the firepit and brought me a blanket. (I so want to be invited over more!) And David was telling me about the new Pine & Gilmore book on authenticity. (Quit yawning. I'm wrapping up.) I also discovered something about Courtney starring in a Spice Girls video. (Hoping I can find this on YouTube.)

And for my closing number, I leave you with this song. "A, B, C, D, E, F, Cheetos. H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, Cheetos." Hilarious if you are two (like Erin-the-Marketing-Diva's son who wrote the piece) or riding in a car with John, Bethany, and Nancy-the-Insightful when you are very, very tired.

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