The Actual Face Reunion

Here I am. Laying in bed on a Sunday morning with my laptop. From my vantage point I can see a few remnants of the party last night. An unfinished wine glass I have yet to clean and put away. (How did I miss one?) A green bag from HEB left behind. (Probably from Lynette since that is a chain from her area.) A slight breeze is moving the wind chimes and the light from the windows keeps changing as the clouds move in and out.

It's a nice feeling. The glow that remains from getting to spend an evening of laughter reconnecting with the people you learned about life with.

It was amazing to me how beautiful everyone was. How much the same. Cathy Sylvester still has such a compassionate heart. John Gray can still make eveyone feel like they belong at the party. Barbara Clements has the same delightful laugh. Donna Gatewood still gives "the look"...

It was fun to hang out in a group once more with the crowd I spent most of my teenage years with. Fun to interact as adults.

At the end of the evening, after cracking up at our own lack of memory skills (and the not-so-subtle cheating) in "Four on a Couch" each person told a story of what they remembered. I loved John's account of TP'ing Laura Coston's house and falling off the brick wall as Pat Brownfield sped away in the red Nissan. Laura said Mike Bray had come up to her earlier in the evening and showed his crooked finger. (Different night. Same mission. Same brick wall.)

Kevin Lipscomb told of the day the police helicopter chased him and Craig Carlisle when they were hunting birds in the field behind my house. Someone brought up JRob calling out "hand check" in any trip on a bus or van. (I had completely forgotten about that one. Too hilarious.) We talked about movies watched at Becky and Tammie Lemmond's and nights where way too many of us crammed into Tammie's waterbed to talk about boys. (Donna reminded them that what we said wasn't always good!) Paul told about asking Lynette out to a function and then she started dating the guy who could bench press the most at Southwest High School. (Paul's account of nervously approaching Hal to discuss the matter was too funny!)

While the connection on Facebook is wonderful and facilitated the reunion, it doesn't compare with the hugs and the laughter of being there in real life.

For those of you who were there last night, thanks for coming and being part. And to my wonderful husband and daughter who pulled everything together before I got home...thank you!

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