Calling the Lurkers to Come Out and Play: Six Word Stories

David-the-Artist-Pastor told me about a fabulous concept by Dan Pink (who wrote Whole New Mind).

The idea comes from the book, Not Quite What I Was Expecting, in which people famous (and not) write their autobiographies in just six words. For example, Stephen Colbert's six-word memoir is "Well, I thought it was funny."

John suggested his would be "No short white guys in NBA."

I've been struggling all day trying to think about mine and have come up with a blank. "Come on lurkers help me out."


Shannon Suarez said...

Well, I don't know about yours, but my autobiography might read:

Tori, Alex, Brianna, Mia, Levi, Sofie


CrossPointeDave said...

sounds like you might already have one: Come on lurkers, help me out!

Paul Baird said...

If I'm forced to come up with one right now it has to read "I hate meetings, kill me now".

I will work on a real one tonight. Good stuff.

Unknown said...

Lying Annoying Teachers Always Nagging Me

Cathy Hutchison said...

Aha! Bethany created one for me. "Always having fun connecting random thoughts."

NancyJ said...

I didn't find a perfect one for you, but from Matt-At-The-Office's article about developing new habits - that sounds like it was written about YOU - comes this possible one: DEVELOPING NEW HABITS-GROWING INHERENT CREATIVITY! Betheny's for you seems more fun, but this article was so like you too!

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