Belly Flab and Bingo Arms

Isn't that an attractive title for this post? Sadly, it hits me where I am today. I really struggled in yoga class today surrounded by all of the the slender asian women and punk-haired 50 year olds in jogging bras with defined tricepts.

It was really hard to watch size 12 me--with a t-shirt and yoga pants that left nowhere to hide--in the surroundvision mirrors that wall the classroom.

In college, my friend, Suzanne would talk about "having the fat and uglies." Today is one of those days.

I've often wondered why women struggle with this. Why we rarely--if ever--feel beautiful. And though commercial media plays into it, (reference Dove film below) it isn't all of it.

I hate feeling that I'm not everything I'm supposed to be. As if I fall short somehow. As if grabbing a french fry out of Bethany's sack is a cardinal sin.

No big epiphanies today. Just a snapshot inside my head. Which hopefully is exactly the weight it is supposed to be.

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh we all have days like that. I've recently been having a year like that!

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