The Club Scrap Workshop

I've never been a scrapbooker, but, my friend, Robin-the-Artist introduced me to the joys of stamping and paper art. There is something about sitting down and working with inks, beautiful textures and carved pieces of rubber that digital graphic design can't deliver.
The best source for stamping supplies is typically from scrapbooking stores. Still it can be a bit overwhelming looking at rows of unidentifiable art stuff so I've relied on Robin to take me to expos and teach me techniques.

Knowing this, my friend Jody, connected me with a company her friend, Dinah Pearson created called Club Scrap. When you subscribe, they send you a "pizza box" each month with truly beautiful papers, ephemera, and an idea sheet.

Today, Dinah did a workshop at Crosspointe and Lynette-the-Cowgirl came into town to join me for the class.

I have to say, I've changed my mind on scrapbooking. Dinah taught a technique called "assembly line scrapbooking" that is fast and produces beautiful results. We also learned bookmaking in the afternoon which was really cool. I think I had always thought of scrapbooking as a little too "cute" but this was truly artistic.

It was fun to hang out for the day and play. Even Nancy-the-Insightful got over her intimidation of creative endeavors and joined in--though she kept a running commentary on her doubts of her ability to do this.

I also met a girl named, Karin, who brought a scrapbook with her of her collection of Blenko glass. It shows how it is displayed in her loft. (There is something magical about light coming through colored glass.) Her scrapbook not only documented the collection, but was also signed by some of the designers. It was cool to see the art she'd created to celebrate the art she collected.

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