For anyone who's ever felt un-beautiful

I love Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. I found this via the blog of a technical director I met at the Willow Creek Arts Conference. It is one thing to know that this happens, but it is another thing to see it happen in 30 seconds.

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Great video and a really great message. Everyone should see this and understand that what we see in the media is not real. Real beauty is from within. We all have our flaws and blemishes but it is the love of life that shines so much more beautifully in a person. That love of life and of others and a love of self all translate into a beautiful person. Thanks Cathy for posting this.

Oscar Wilde said that "men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears" He was basically right but while a nice figure and a pretty face do initially attract a man it cannot deliver unless there is that inner beauty also. Attitude and confidence are so much more important.

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