Friday Night at the Movies

After work, we went to the movies to see Get Smart.

First of all, I laughed through the whole thing. It is especially funny if you were a fan of the original show because they keep doing little "nods" back to it.

Also, the casting was perfect. Everything from Hiro (from Heroes) to "that guy who was on Studio 60" as the analysts to Alan Arkin (The Chief), The Rock (Agent 23), and Anne Hathaway (Agent 99).

Of course, they couldn't have found a more perfect Maxwell Smart than Steve Carell.

Afterward, we all (Lisa, Scott, Clifton, Katya, John and I) came back to our house and hung out for desert and to talk. The subject was politics and no blood was shed. (My views rarely coincide with those around Cathy, she lay low.)

We did have a bit of a tragedy in that Katya ran into our glass door and chipped her front tooth. (Not just a little...a lot.) So, she'll be at the dentist early Monday AM.

As for me, I'm exhaused. I should be asleep in minutes.

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