GDA in Denver

Nancy and I are sitting in the Hotel Teatro in Denver downloading about our day.

The opportunity for connection and collaboration through the Global Design Alliance is difficult to describe. It's almost as if each person has a part of the puzzle.

Nancy--who is here to connect with the HR representatives from the other firms--was able to share about Ron Martoia's concept of "leaking leadership" and learned about how other companies are handling some of the complex personnel issues facing the firms.

Most of my time has been spent with the Directors and Alliance Coordinators. One of my favorite parts of our meetings here happened first thing. The Alliance Coordinators business meeting covered everything from Integrated Project Delivery, preparing for the economic downturn, finding qualified staff, and acquisition strategies.

The geographic and diversity of skillset around the table provided a much more holistic view than I usually get from the window of our office.

The meetings were at Coors Field--which provided a nice backdrop for the day. Dianna Millar and I posed on the field today. The grass was wet so we missed out on getting to stand at home plate (but we were pretty close).

Here it is late. Very late, actually.


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