Living Life in One-Hour Increments

I woke up this morning at 5am to finish packing and catch my flight to Chicago. I felt terrible... Still with a lingering headache/stomachache from the day before. No way could I get on a plane and set up for a trade show. So I told myself that all I had to do in the next hour was get to the park-and-fly and get through security. Then the next hour, get breakfast and board the plane. Next hour, disembark and pick up a rental car. Next hour, check into hotel and locate and load packages. And on and on my day has gone. Hour by hour. When the packages were too heavy and the way was really long from the parking lot to the booth, I sat down for a moment and reminded myself I had a whole hour to get them there.

The cool thing about only worrying about the next hour is that it doesn't feel so overwhelming. No matter how you feel, you can manage for an hour.

Now, here I am at 5pm, back in my hotel room planning to get lots of rest and copious amounts of vitamin C so I feel well tomorrow. (I absolutely love this conference. It would be terrible to miss a minute of it.)

One unexpected cool thing is my rental car. I know this sounds insane, but I actually lose a lot of time looking for my rental cars in parking lots because I often forget where I put them. This time, there is no missing this one.


Anonymous said...

ithink you should keep the rental car. but thats just me ;)

Big Tea said...

Perfect color, and now the orange will pop up at home.

Robin said...

Cathy - your call and this blog about one-hour increments saved my sanity whatever day that was...Weds or Thursday?!! Thanks for your friendship and insight - your insightfully caring friendship.

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