Addison Fireworks!

The City of Addison does a spectacular job with their fireworks celebration each year. Because my company's offices are located right next to the airport, our landlord very graciously invites us each year to bring lawn chairs out to the hanger to get a front row seat for the display.

It's grown into quite a party for the people I work with and their families. We cater in dinner, walk across the street with lawn chairs in tow, then we go back to the offices for coffee and dessert while we wait for the traffic to clear.

Tonight, the airshow before the fireworks was amazing. A man STOOD on top of a biplane as it did loops and spins in the air. Another plane had sparklers (fireworks?) shooting out as it sped through the sky. Not to mention the historic planes and planes in formation.

In the background, a group from our landlord's company, The Hanger Bangers, belt out popular songs. They are actually really good and the live music really adds to the event.

Once it is dark, people tune their radios into the station that plays the soundtrack for the show. The fireworks are almost indescribable. Huge. Fabulous. Wonderful.

We are definitely spoiled. I don't know what I'd do if I ever changed jobs. Fireworks anywhere else just wouldn't be the same.

Tonight during dessert Jason McKelvey brought Rock Band. I learned two things: 1) I suck at playing the drums as badly as I suck at guitar hero. 2) There was music on it that I actually know and like, so i may have potential as a singer. (I was too embarassed to do that in front of my office crowd after Jason did such a great job.)

Of course, the VERY best thing was that this year, I wasn't the one planning the party. Kathy-of-the-mom-bows and Wonder-Woman-Erin hit an absolute home run. It was really, really nice.

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