Aqua Aerobics

Since I have the day off, I thought I'd try a new class at my gym.

I went to Aqua Fit. My friend, Carol-the-Lionhearted has done this for years and enjoys it.

I wasn't sure what to think as I grabbed a set of resistance paddles and joined the others. Most of the women in the class appeared to be over 40 (I didn't take a survey) and there were a couple who looked over 70 (go them!). And there were absolutely no guys (I learned why later.)

Anyway, we were in constant motion for an hour. Like most of the classes at my gym you can participate to whatever level you want to. So, since I was only going to get out what I put in, I made my motions as big as possible and pushed hard.

You know what? It was fun. Really fun.

I got a little worried when we made a circle and played a game. Then started to freak out a bit when they started singing. (Now you know why there were no guys.) But I decided what the heck. I didn't know anyone. And we were all laughing at that point anyway. Why be too "cool" for it?

It was so much fun that I wasn't sure I'd felt the "burn" until now. The muscles in my sides (obliques?) hurt sooooo bad.

They have classes in the evenings. Next week, I'll have to check it out.

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NancyJ said...

Now THAT'S what I'm looking for! I've been thinking the best bet for me is to go with water exercise...and have just been trying to find the cheapest way to accomplish it! I'll have to figure it out...but I'd better get busy figuring. Of course, wouldn't anyone pay any amount to get to SING while working out???!!!

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