Baby Shower for Robin-the-Artist

Okay, I feel I should confess that as a rule, baby showers aren't my favorite.

It all started when my mom took me to my very first one for my cousin, Paula, and explained to me that if I won any of the games, I had to take the prize, open it, then give it to my cousin. I've heard that this is strictly a Southern thing--though I can't be completely sure. But, as a general rule it sucks. (Once at a shower I saw a girl open a gift after she won a game completely taken aback that she'd been given a bottle.)

But I digress....

Sunday afternoon, I went to a baby shower for my friend, Robin-the-Artist. She and Floyd-the-Sidekick learned about a month ago that a birth mother had selected them through the open adoption agency and they were going to be parents.

It's been weird to watch this. Normally, you have nine whole months to get ready. But Robin and Floyd have had six weeks. Yes, I know this has been a two year process, but it is hard to feel like it is real when you have a seemingly endless loop of home visits, paperwork and classes.

It was so amazingly fun to see all of Robin's friends in one place and to watch her open cute little socks and stuff. I also got to spend time in sparkling conversation with Robin's "Fun Friend Lisa." (This is how she was introduced to me) which saved me having to glom onto my SIL for dear life. Though I did make a desperate phone call to her when I walked into the crowd and realized I did not know ANYBODY. (For some inexplicable reason this is extraordinarily difficult at a baby shower but not at a business conference.)

So now, Robin just waits for the phone call. In the meantime, she is finding places for tiny socks.

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