The Joy of Amazon Wish Lists

Sometimes you find the perfect gift. It is exactly what they've always so amazing and clever that it is guaranteed to make them squeal with delight.

Except that sometimes you don't.

Sometimes the date of the occasion looms ever nearer with impending doom and you are stuck running out to get something at Walgreens that you convince yourself is a decent alternative, but leaves you as confused to what you were thinking as the recipient when they open it.

Then, joy of joys....the digital world gave us Amazon wish lists. Then interactive thing that it allowed it to connect to Facebook; giving all of our closest friends a window into all the things we really, really want, but won't buy for ourselves.

Just so you know...(as if you care) is a random collection of what is on mine.

  1. A couple of Pigeon books, by Mo Willems. (Because I love the "sarcastic pigeon" expression!)
  2. Vegan and Living Foods Cookbooks. Because someday I will be all vegan all the time and I get inspired reading about it.
  3. Numi Flowering Teas. Because my sister gave me a flowering tea pot (gorgeous!) and I'm out of the flowering teas.
  4. Neroli Parfum. Actually anything by L'Occitane works. This one just happens to be pretty expensive.
  5. CD's from my Favorite Groups. Hawk Nelson, Sanctus Real, Superchick, Eisley, Switchfoot...
  6. Old books of the faith....I'm really interested in reading some of the classic works the people who have gone before considered important.
  7. The Pop-Up Book of Phobias. Hilarious! I saw it in a bookstore once and thought it was wonderful.
  8. Bento Lunch accessories. Because it is more fun to pack your lunch when it is in cute compartments.

I wish that all of my friends had wish lists. I wish they were all connected to Facebook. However, until that day comes, Walgreens is just around the corner.


Heidi said...

I love the pigeon books. I have a couple of them.

Cathy Hutchison said...

Ahhh, yes. But you are a teacher! I have no excuse.

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