Life Lesson from the Aqua Fit Class

While I was on vacation, I went to several of the morning Aqua Fit classes at my gym and LOVED them.

However, one day this week I checked out the evening class after work and HATED it.

So I started thinking about why…and discovered a huge principle that applies way outside of the class.

The morning class is taught by a woman over 50. (Only the lines around her eyes gives this away, she is in wonderful shape.) A former dancer, she often uses ballet terms to explain the moves. You can tell she considers the class fun…like dancing is fun. But the most important thing is that she leads the class from in the water with us. At our level. In our same conditions.

The evening class is taught by an impossibly perfect 20-something. (Impossibly meaning implants.) With a boot camp attitude, she makes the class sound like work. (“Harder. Harder. Faster. Faster.”) She teaches the class standing on the pool’s edge. Her movements are too fast to keep up with because she doesn’t have the resistance of the water. She is above us. Looking down on us.

Though the parallel is probably obvious, it is easier to be led by someone who looks like you. Taught by someone living in your conditions.

It makes me appreciate why God decided to come down and spend 33 years with us not “sort of like a man”, but as a man.

Quite humbling really.

I’m relatively sure he didn’t have implants.


NancyJ said...

WOW! Blow my mind profound! Preach it, Sister!

P.S. I read it aloud to Peter, and he says you're such a good writer, you should be in marketing or something. Something to consider.

Ashley said...

Too witty for words. You rock.

D Herrod said...

Very well said.

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