My Week as an Artist: Day Four

Today was "Embossing: Take 2".

This time, I worked with "veggie leather" a gift from Robin-the-Artist. I have to say that I cracked up when I opened the package. "Veggie Leather" is simply dense foam that you can purchase by the sheet at any craft store. However, what was really helpful were the embossing instructions that came with the set.

With the heat gun that I purchased on Tuesday, I simply heated the foam then pressed designs into it. A little bit of copper paint and some black ink enhanced the results allowing me to create my ATC's for today fairly quickly. A good thing, since I took the morning off. I ran into David and Kylie Knight when I popped into Escape and they were doing cool artistic things on the computer.

We laughed about Veggie Leather and swapped resources for a bit. (I introduced Kylie to my newly discovered visual inspiration site, Fubiz. And Kylie connected me with a new affordable display source: And I also got a fabulous pedicure and manicure from Diva Nails (thanks Chase!). Of course, I've already botched the manicure working on a decoupage project this afternoon. (Sigh.)

Note: No vegetables were harmed in the making of this leather.


D Herrod said...

At least from the pictures it really looks like leather.

NancyJ said...

Beautiful! They really do look like leather! And...they'd look REALLY good in MY house! Just saying...

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