My Week as an Artist: Final Day

I had decided earlier that I would spend my last day working in whichever media I enjoyed the most. Of course, acrylics won.

I wanted to know what it would be like if I worked with people the same way I had done with the animals and this was the result. It began as inspiration from a face pin I purchased when I was in Panama, then took on a life of its own. (No, the resemblance to Lichentstein isn't lost on me.)

I finished two other projects this week that I worked on a bit day by day.

The first was a magnet board. My college roommate's mom always had a scripture verse in their kitchen. I thought that was a cool practice. The idea is that I would simply write on on a card and affix with a magnet completing the collage. Then it could change weekly. (Or not.)

The other project also had a spiritual bent. I have (had) a manilla folder where I tossed little scraps and notes that were significant to me spirtually. I decided to give them a better place to live and created a scrapbook of sorts. It includes a very creative note Bethany sent me when she was about seven addressed "from the purple room" to the "big room." (So cute.)

I've already washed out my brushes and tonight I'll pack up the table I've been working on in my bedroom and stash it away.

As far as vacations go, this is potentially one of the best ones I've taken.


D Herrod said...


That is a very creative idea for a vacation. Lately our vacations have been going to the beach for a couple of days or checking out one of the tourists destinations here.

Mrs. Señora Cobbey said...

Cool. You went to Panama? I'm from Panama!

Well, since you don't know me, I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Monica Cobbey, Heidi Cobbey's sister in law. Anyway, she told me about your fun blog and how totally fun you are so I just had to check your blog out.

I'm enjoying it! :)

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