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I often have people tell me I'm creative. (It is Robin-the-Artist's new tagline for me.) I think that is mostly because the things I create fall under the "approved" list of creative endeavors.

What if there is more to it than that? Something everyone has. If creativity is making something where there was nothing before, then wouldn't it cover a lot more ground than simply writing or painting?

Among my friends, there are lots of "creative" things happening that are never labeled with that tag.

Kathy-of-the-Mom-Bows can take the raw ingredients of flour and sugar (plus a bit of the this or that) and create truly amazing things without a blink at a recipe book.

Nancy-the-Insightful can take the most random exchanges between people and develop them into something meaningful.

Angie-the-Engineer (she hates that tagline) can orchestrate details into precise and perfect things that actually function. (And better yet understand them).

I love the idea that creativity is part of all of our Imago Dei and should be encouraged and celebrated.

(Actually Rob, if you introduce me as Random Cathy, then the URL would match.)

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NancyJ said...

Oooohhh! I never thought of relationship things as creative before! They just happen with no effort...and I always thought "creative" took TONS of work - it hurts my brain to even think of it! Very cool concept that there might be creative endeavors that just didn't make it to the "approved" list!!

(You must be a very creative writer to have thought of it!)

As an aside...I'm test driving (as you say) my tagline for you. You're not just creative in HOW you do things, but also in WHAT you choose to do. You have a voracious zest and enthusiasm for TRYING things. So, my tagline for you is "Try-It-All-Cathy." Now you can join "Sagitarius-Josh", "Gravely Dan", "Dogs-Adore-His-Tender-Heart-Peter", "Irresistable-Andy", etc in my deck of "Old Maid" playing cards (not to imply that I'M an old maid, of course...or OLD in any way...that's just the game that started tags for me).

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