Weekend Projects

Today I did some painting. (Not the fun kind.) We've lived here for almost three years, and the hallway really needed to be painted. I took advantage of Sherwin-Williams 30% off sale last weekend to pick up a gallon of paint for their high traffic areas. Holly-the-Realtor mentioned I might want to update my light fixtures which sparked a trip to IKEA.

The trip to IKEA produced an accidental bedroom makeover. It all started when some pillow slipcovers caught my eye. (They were marked down to $4 each from $15.) Then I walked past a bedspread that was perfect. Then, I had to change the swags and lampshades so all would match. (Lampshades were $1.50 each on clearance at Walmart. I embellished.) I'm pretty happy with the results.

Another IKEA find sparked a minor organizational renovation in the kitchen.

I moved my large spices into these magnetic tins (found in the kitchen section) on the side of my refrigerator. This freed up a surprising amount of cabinet space and allowed me to move things around and reorganize. (Did I mention I love IKEA?)

Over the past two weekends, John and I (well, mostly John) worked on the garage. John built this workbench out of the wood that made up our bookshelves in the old house. It feels so good to drive into the garage now unloaded of everything useless. (Which is now hopefully living a much more useful life with others via Goodwill.)

It is funny how much joy you can get from home improvements. I smile at the lights every time I go down the hallway.


NancyJ said...
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NancyJ said...

ooops...messed up...try #2...

You had the BEST vacation ever! Everything is fabulous!

Will you vacation at MY house next year???

P.S. VERY glad Try-It-All-Cathy will be back at work tomorrow!!

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